Meet the founder

The creative center, the heart of the studio

Chiara Ambrosio is an industrious, proactive, result oriented, smart individual and founder of MANI STUDIO who loves socializing with others.

She’s a vibrant aesthetician and skillfully trained cosmetologist who is passionate about teaching & helping others with range of services to meet their needs. She loves the technique and the perfect realization and reproduction of a nail that must respect certain characteristics and fundamental rules to ensure a perfect result. Chiara was born and brought up in Italy.

She graduated from the Cosmetology school in Italy in 2009. She’s a true visionary when it comes to nail and nail art. Her clients recognized her commitment to quality and her reputation for innovation and excellence. She’s committed to providing a quality service that combines both safety, comfort, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere!

Prior to founding MANI STUDIO, Chiara has trained with many manufacturers and educators throughout her career. She is a proven leader and is always excited to discover new and innovative ways to motivate, teach, and learn. She has over 16years of experience in the art and beauty industry. She’s passionate about providing high quality nails to her clients.

She cares about her spirit being the forefront of whom she is and it being reflected in her intentions and creativity. Chiara is dedicated to making client’s life easier, more interesting and more beautiful. She’s devoted to finding unique discoveries in art, beauty, and fashion.

Chiara's grasp of new ideas is well matched by her business acumen. She knows when to act decisively, when to ask for an opinion and when to be cautious. Because these managerial qualities are complemented by the sense of innovative technologies she is a perfect entrepreneur in today's high tech world.